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Technology Law Group provides expert legal services addressing each of the critical issues faced by growing telecommunications companies. Each of our practice areas is described briefly below.

Our Litigation and Arbitration Practice

Technology Law Group has successfully litigated complex telecommunications cases against each of the major long distance carriers and most of the Regional Bell Operating Companies in proceedings in state and federal courts and regulatory agencies across the country, the FCC, and before every major arbitration tribunal. In many of these cases, our clients faced very difficult legal challenges-often involving claims arising under the Filed Rate Doctrine-that most other firms were not even willing to undertake. Technology Law Group not only undertook these cases but, through our aggressive and creative litigation style, we were able to obtain extraordinary results for our clients.

In recognition of its unique expertise in telecommunication issues, Technology Law Group has been called on to provide expert legal advise to a number of the largest law firms in the country, including firms considering substantial class action cases against major telecommunications carriers. Mr. Ende has also provided expert testimony on telecommunications issues.

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Our Contract Drafting and Review Practice :

The attorneys at Technology Law Group have negotiated hundreds of carrier and agency agreements, including agreements with every major telecommunications carrier. We truly believe that it is critical for our clients to understand their carrier and customer agreements, both in terms of the legal rights and obligations that they create. Most critically, we also work with our clients to make sure that their business practices mesh effectively with the terms and conditions of their telecommunications agreement. Our years of litigation experience also gives us a unique insight into the types of issues that arise when telecommunications agreements are in dispute. We use this experience to build safeguards into our clients' carrier agreements that are rarely found in such agreements. We also understand the dynamics of the negotiation process and know how to drive agreements to resolution quickly and efficiently and on terms and conditions most favorable to our clients.

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Our Regulatory Practice

The attorneys of Technology Law Group have decades of experience in all aspects of telecommunications regulation. We have participated in rulemaking and litigated proceedings addressing virtually every important regulatory issue, both before the Federal Communications Commission and before major state regulatory agencies across the country. We understand how the process works and, more importantly, how we can make the process work not only to limit your regulatory costs but also to ensure that you enjoy the benefits and protections available through the regulatory process.

In addition to rulemaking and litigation proceedings, we also represent clients in obtaining the certifications and filing the tariffs required for market entry. We also have long term relationships with third party consultants around the country that can assist state specific proceedings and issues.

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Our Mergers and Acquisitions Practice

Technology Law Group has represented numerous telecommunications companies involved in the mergers and acquisition process. Our advice has included all matters from the initial negations and letter of intent, through the drafting of the merger or acquisition documents and closing. In many cases, we not only provide legal advice but, because we understand the telecommunications issues, we are also able to provide our clients with invaluable advice on critical business. We also have long term relationships with third party consultants around the country and entities who provide financing to telecommunications ventures involved in a merger or acquisition.

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Our Negotiation Practice

Technology Law Group views the negotiation process as among the most critical aspects of our practice and one in which we are involved on a daily basis in all aspects of our practice. We are also keenly aware that negotiations do not occur in a vacuum, but rather are often the end point in a process which requires a clear strategy from the outset and the careful and timely application of game theory and tactics. Negotiations are successful, in our opinion, in two circumstances; where both parties feel like they have succeeded and where one party needs to negotiate out of fear of an unacceptable result. Through careful strategic planning and tactical actions - and because we generally have greater experience in the substantive issues being negotiated--our clients negotiate from a position of strength and are generally able achieve the desired outcome.

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Technology and Intellectual Property Practice

The attorneys at Technology Law Group have more than three decades of experience in the areas of computer and software law and intellectual property issues. Our work on computer and software issues has included the drafting of software license and related agreements and litigation of issues relating to software use and allegations of software pirating. Our work on intellectual property issues has included matters involving copyright, trademark and trade secret protection and licensing, as well as litigation involving these areas.

We have also drafted web hosting agreements, content licensing agreements and have the capability to provide trademark protection under the Anti-cybersquatting Act, and copyright safe harbor protection for ISPs under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Articles and Other Materials of Interest
Intellectual Property and Software Audits

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