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Recommendations from Our Clients

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Ted Schuman, President

“I have worked consistently with Neil for the last 10 years and have found his work ethic, knowledge, responsiveness and industry expertise to be exceptional. If you need a top notch legal advocate for your business. . . call Neil Ende.”
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Vince Bradley, Founder, President of CEO, Commerce Consulting Corporation

"I have worked directly with Neil Ende and his team for a number of years on a wide variety of issues including difficult pre-litigation settlement negotiations, Provider contract review, trademark law, payment disputes with Providers and other business issues. Although the subject matter and circumstances of these matters have varied greatly, with Neil’s guidance we have achieved our business objective in every instance. Neil is truly dedicated to his clients’ success, knows the telecom industry and, most importantly, understands how to develop and implement creative strategies that enable his clients to achieve their business objectives. I am confident that you will experience a new level of service, creativity and success if you work with Neil and his team at Technology Law Group."

Jay Rubin, SVP, Chief of Staff, Commerce Consulting

“I am honored to recommend Neil Ende and his Technology Law Group for their outstanding knowledge of the full Telecommunication Industry life cycle. 
We have worked with TLG as a full service vertical legal provider - from contracts to commissions and trademarks to trouble shooting; I always know we are in very competent hands. I can not suggest anyone more confidently as a business partner…”

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Nick Unger, CEO VocalFi

“I've known and worked with Neil for over 15 years as part of five different companies. I've come to trust Neil as both a tremendous legal resource and trusted business adviser and friend. Neil has proven to be that unique blend of rational perspective and fierce loyalty while providing sound legal services and advice to resolve a wide variety of issues, including disputes with extremely large, well-funded organizations. Throughout, Neil demonstrates a clear grasp of the issues, develops and executes a strategy that is successful, and demonstrates a strong desire to resolve conflict while remaining the one person I want in my corner should resolution prove difficult. Like many of his clients, I have learned over the years that engaging Neil early in the process proves to be worth every bit of his extremely reasonable fee, and I do not hesitate to recommend Neil without reservation.”

Lee Peterson Telecom Agency

Lee Peterson, President, Lee Peterson Telecom Agency

 “Very passionate about what he does, extremely honest and sincere, knowledgeable to the n'th degree, well organized, great leadership, highly polished communicator, great listener, personable, fair. The list goes on but the fact is I can not write a high enough recommendation for Neil. I can see why he has such a great reputation. I wish I had met him years ago.”

Evans Hagen & Company

Eric Evans, Senior Managing Director, Evans Hagen & Company  

“I have known Neil Ende for almost 25 years as a business associate, as a business partner and as a personal friend. Over that time, Neil has proven to be one of the most ethical persons I have met. He has a passion for helping the "little" guy solve complex litigation matters against very large businesses. Moreover, he is a winner! It is my pleasure to recommend Neil.

Bill Quimby, President

 “Getting a letter from the FCC demanding what could be trucks full of paperwork, essentially every scrap of paper on every customer we’ve ever had, is right up there with getting a letter from the IRS saying they’re auditing you for the last 7 years. It would have been extremely long, difficult and expensive even if we made it through without much damage. We were very fortunate to have talked to the right attorney. Neil Ende and the Technology Law group wrote one letter responding to the FCC attorneys, and we never heard from them again. I had already bought a new high speed printer because I assumed we were going to have to rent a truck to get all the paperwork they were demanding to Washington. But Neil Ende was like the Jedi master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who convinced the storm troopers that these weren’t the droids they were looking for. He pointed out numerous issues with their request, questioned their jurisdiction, explained that we weren’t really a phone company, but an internet search service and changed the game entirely on them. Ultimately, I think he simply showed them that we weren’t an easy or maybe even appropriate target to go after and they left us alone. That was just over two years ago. Neil Ende epitomized the difference between a good lawyer and a great one, in that he had the experience and understanding to see a totally different approach that was a hundred times better than even winning the dispute.”




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